Version 1.5.1

For Elegant Theme Users : We like to inform you that we have submitted the version V1.5.1 for release once elegant theme approve then you will access

Requested features based on Customer

Version 1.5.2 also coming  with Requested features based on Customer

1. Added fields “Event Detail Page Custom Link” ,”Event Detail Page Link Type”

If the “Event Detail Page” is bypass-able.Display the events and link to external information when clicked on. So is it an option to assign an external link to the events and link to that on click instead of leading to another internal page.

2. Added field “Event Booking/Inquiry Form Enabled/Disabled”

Some events don’t need to use a booking or inquiry form ,so it is way to disable the form just for some events.

3. Added fields “Event Custom Field 1″ ,”Event Custom Field 2” and “Event Custom Field 3”

This field you can display in email template or you can use in event detail page or event grid,list and slider view but you need to add custom code for that.

4. Enhancement and added new options in Email Customization Settings

New Fields You can add in custom email.

Event Custom Field 1: {field_custom_field1}
Event Custom Field 2: {field_custom_field2}
Event Custom Field 3: {field_custom_field3}
Event Start Date: {field_email_event_start_date}
Event End Date: {field_email_event_end_date}
Event Start Time: {field_email_event_start_time}
Event End Time: {field_email_event_end_time}

New Options :
After Booking Status Completed Email Customization Settings(Only for Booking Form)

5. Added option “Enable Event Fully Booked Functionality” in theme option

Usage: If event is fully booked means if remaining ticket 0 then button will be hide and display text “Please contact to website Owner”
you can chnage “Please contact to website Owner” this message via Theme Option -> Label Tab.

6.Added option “Enable Increase number of available tickets if we delete the subscription for an event in the booking/inquiry listing” in theme option

The number of available tickets decreases with the subscriptions but it doesnt increase if we delete the subscription for an event in the inquiry/order listing, so now there is a way to delete a subscription so that the number of available tickets increases with one after deleting the inquiry/order.

7. Fixed Filtering option in theme builder event archive page.

8. New UI of inquiry/order with filter,search,pagination and sorting options.